────────  TECHNOLOGIES  ────────


SYNC allows you to control the light with a remote switch and to make custom programs in the Exposure SYNC App, additionally both helmet and handlebar lights can be simultaneously controlled with a single remote via Bluetooth connectivity. App is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Reflex +:

Reflex automatically adjusts the light to provide boosted output when riding hard and fast, then intuitively dimming for the slower sections such as climbs. This is all to optimize battery capacity, to provide extra light when needed and save it when not required.

Reflex achieves this by using data from 3D digital accelerometers including gyroscope and thermistors. It continually analyses the data to make seamless adjustments to benefit the rider, probably better than the rider can. In reality it is a form of artificial intelligence. The selected run time will be achieved by averaging the output over the period.


Rear lighting that flares up automatically when braking. It can also intelligently adapt to the surrounding ambient light conditions to maintain maximum contrast and visibility, for example brightening for street lit areas and moving into sunlight from shade.

Road Specific Beam:

Taking its lead from car headlight technology, dual lenses deliver an optimum beam for road cycling with a flat beam for the periphery and a spot beam lighting the way ahead, which can by dipped for oncoming traffic with the included handlebar mounted, wired switch.


Quickly switch between modes on helmet lights by tapping either the body of the light or the helmet
without needing to locate the function button for fast control to match the pace of the trail. Three
sensitivities allow greater versatility.

Fast Charging

Improved chargers have decreased charge time significantly from previous models of lights.


Bespoke pulse pattern designed for daylight use which is more conspicuous than a regular pulse and
visible from over a kilometer away, even in the brightest conditions. DayBright mode will get you
noticed. Be Seen Be Safe.

OLED Status Display (OSD)

An LED display panel that gives clear information on which mode the light is in, runtime remaining in
hours and minutes, percentage charged and feedback information during OMS. Patent Protected.

Cable Free Design (CFD)

Battery is housed within the body of the light so there are no cables or separate battery units giving a
neat solution with less opportunities for water ingress, mounting difficulties and crash damage.
Combined with the renowned quick release handlebar bracket lights are easy and quick to mount with
rock solid attachment.

Optimized Mode Selector (OMS)

Various programs in the lights can easily be selected to offer a choice of run times and modes so you can
find the right one for your ride, be it an all-night adventure or an intense blast.

Smart Port Technology Plus (SPT+)

Smart Port+ enables the charge port to accept auxiliary accessories such as rear lights, remote switches,
Support Cells and use your light as a power bank to charge USB devices.

Intelligent Thermal Management (ITM)

Patented circuitry within the light will reduce power to the LEDs, if they go beyond the optimum
temperature, keeping the light as efficient as possible to maximize output and battery capacity. Once
cooled the output is automatically restored.

Fuel Gauge

Using a traffic light system remaining runtime is easily monitored at a glance so you’re not caught out.
The colour feedback is also used for mode selection, before defaulting back to runtime.