────────  PRODUCT SUPPORT  ────────

When I order, when can I expect delivery?

Orders are processed on a daily basis. If the product is in stock it will be shipped as soon as payment reflects. 2-5 working days delivery.  Out of stock products can take 9 – 21 working days.  Delivery periods are subject to Customs Clearance Delays and do not include weekends and public holidays.

What is the warranty?

All Exposure Lights products have a two year warranty of manufacturing defect, LEDs carry a lifetime warranty. We fully support with servicing of lights after the two years, so you can be confident that you have a light that will last for years. Please keep proof of purchase for validating a warranty if needed. Servicing and warranty claims are done through Exposure Lights UK and not in South Africa. All carriage costs involved are at the customers own expense.

Can I upgrade my light?

We service and maintain lights but, cannot upgrade individual components to improve performance. Due to the way the components interact, changing one component would mean all other components need altering.

What are the lenses constructed from?

The lenses are essentially made from a tough crystal clear plastic. The lenses we are using have been designed to utilize ‘total internal reflection’ which is form more efficient than reflectors.  The actual material used is known generally as optical plastic, although the specific material that our lens manufacturer uses is a trade secret and produced to the highest tolerances.

What batteries do Exposure Lights Use?

All Exposure Lights use market leading, Panasonic and Sanyo Lithium-ion batteries.  These batteries are very versatile and user friendly, as well as being extremely light and compact.  The batteries do not have a memory like NiMH which allows the battery to withstand “abusive charging” and are more stable and energy dense the LiPo batteries.

What do I do if I have an issue with my light?

Check our Video Tutorials and Quick Start Guides for more information; if you cannot find an answer please contact our service centre info@exposurelights.co.za for more advice.

Can I over charge my battery?

No, the circuitry in the light and charger prevents this from happening.

How should I take care of the battery?

The battery is best left charged if not in use. This will prolong the life of the battery and will ensure that you can use it at a moment’s notice. You can charge the battery at any point in the discharge process and it will not harm the unit. You do not need to run the battery down before.

I would like to know more about the technologies used?

Visit our technology section to read full descriptions on all Exposure Lights technologies.

Can I return an item?

Items that are correctly supplied cannot be returned or exchanged.

If something is missing who do I contact?

Please mail info@exposurelights.co.za within 7 days from date received.